Make everything better

thetrainpark is lifting weights behind the scenes at your local park. We use our proceeds to build features, buy equipment, install lights, basically whatever that park needs. We work with park crews, resort managers, and riders to determine what would benefit their park the most. It’s fun, and we shred more.

Small goals, simple plan:

1. Sell better products.

2. Build bigger parks.

The reasoning is easy to follow: in general, parks don’t make a lot of money, but they’re expensive to maintain. Resorts don’t want to invest in something that’s high risk, low reward. So we’re stuck in a loop with little change, unless superheros from the fastest locomotive company (that’s us, choo choo) drop in with new equipment and features.

It’s cool to work with the people we do, and we’re stoked for your help along the way. You did a good job here today. Tell your friends.

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We stand behind our products. We’re proud of what we make, and we want to make sure it’s exactly what you need. We have a full season Warranty on our park mitts, and we make it easy to Return or Exchange anything that doesn’t float your boat.